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Scandinavia's widest papermoney selection
PaperMoney Online is Scandinavia's biggest online shop for paper money, with modern banknotes from all over the world in stock. Since 1998, PaperMoney Online has become the natural choice for collectors who prefer low prices and quick delivery. Place your order online and receive your banknotes to your doorstep. Postage & packing is for free!

Swedish collecting supplies
Swedish made coin and currency albums from Abaxa are now for sale in the PaperMoney web shop.

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PaperMoneys sedelset
Try our banknote sets with mixed world paper money! PaperMoney Mix, Polymer Mix and World Mix.

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 Polymer notes from four contintents
Starting a few years ago, some 30 countries now issue plastic banknotes replacing their. Australia being the pioneer in the world, Romania is still the only country in Europe with polymer notes.

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PaperMoney's numbering...
PaperMoney uses Pick numbers for banknotes, according to the World Paper Money catalogue. Order the latest edition from Amazon UK.

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